Details of milestones

1985 commencement of "Hürth Park" shopping centre project development

Over 60,000 square metres of rental space, sold to a fund in 1995

1986 commencement of Cologne Technology Park project development

Ongoing expansion into the region’s largest multifunctional and service-oriented business site with rental space of 255,000 square meters, around 350 companies with over 6,400 employees, and a successive exit since 2004.

1994 completion of Maarwegcenter

Exclusive office complex in Köln-Ehrenfeld, effective area of 15,000 square metres, sale on completion to a fund.

1995 commencement of Bergisch Gladbach Technology Park project development

Ongoing development into a multifunctional business site with rental space of 75,000 square metres, approx. 120 companies with around 1,900 employees, sale to an international investor in 2007.

1998 commencement of Cologne BusinessPark project development

Commercial and retail site covering around 100,000 square metres, 2007: Completion of the CarCenter Cologne with a central car registration office for the City of Cologne as an inventory property.

2003 completion of the NTZ New Technology Centre at Cologne Technology Park

Main user Federal Office of Administration (Bundesverwaltungsamt), total effective area: 22,000 square metres, construction period: only 10 months.

2004 disposal of a property portfolio

Consisting of 7 high-quality office properties at a purchase price of € 225 million to an international consortium as one of the first major investments of international investors in Cologne.

2004 purchase of a 100% interest in the ownership company for Dom-Hotel in Cologne.

2006 completion of Mercedes-Benz Centre at Cologne Technology Park

Builder, investor and project developer of the centre. These newly-designed Mercedes-Benz brand and discovery centres are only built in selected European metropolises such as Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Milan, London and Paris. Sold to a fund.

2007 ‘Herkules’ project development

Builder, investor and landlord for the Herkules office complex in Meckenheim near Bonn, construction period 9 months, users BWI, a consortium from Siemens, IBM and the German Federal Armed Forces. Sold to international investors.

2010 Domkarree Cologne

Sale and further development of the ‘Domkarree’ Cologne property portfolio Disposition of development concept in 2015.

2015 Completion of Residenz-Braunsfeld

Builder, investor and project developer of this exclusive generation 60+ residential complex which consists of 46 flats and also offers commercially usable space including catering businesses and underground parking space for 70 cars superbly located in the Cologne Braunsfeld distric.

2017 commencement of Park Hybrid project development

Living, working and dwelling – in a green park in the west of Cologne that extends Cologne Technology Park